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20 April 2007 @ 09:43 pm
Hi all... first post here: I need help determining the value/maker of these two antique chairs I've acquired. I am thinking of selling them but I have no idea how much to expect to receive for them. The upholstered chair needs a good cleaning and the wooden chair is obviously in need of a refinishing (staining or painting).

This chair is very neat because of the "face" on the back of the chair, as seen in the following picture. My father who is a very avid antique furniture refinisher stated that it is from the 40's because it is a "two-piece" chair. I unfortunately could not find any markings on it whatsoever.

Here's the back of the chair.

NO markings on this one, either. Needs cleaned, also needs restained on the "base" or whatever you want to call that. Excuse the mess... we're getting ready for a yard sale.

ANY help is greatly appreciated.